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Choose Bliss!

Your bliss is within reach - health, happiness, beauty, and love. Let A Votre Santé help you achieve the balance that will help you find your bliss!

Our Mission

At A Votre Santé, our goal is to treat the root causes of illness, not just cover up symptoms with medications. Our goal is your physical well being through the treatment of the whole person – mind, body and spirit.

Clinic Philosophy

A Votre Santé offers an alternative approach to healing that uses the mind and spirit to help the body heal itself. Our mind, also known as the intellect / ego has the ability to know it exists. The spirit, the source of the real you, is a connection to the universe through the energy body. The body refers to our physical body. Modern culture has taught us to separate us from our spirit and our body and has encouraged us to live in the intellect/ego. We have suppressed the feedback we regularly receive from the body, sometimes thinking that by listening and responding to our bodies, we are indulging ourselves when we should be productive. We no longer trust our spirit to guide us, using knowledge instead. By living our lives in the ego/intellect alone, we are unable to tap the knowledge of the universe that can guide our lives into mental and physical health.

It is our responsibility to take care of our own well being and to live our truth.

Western medicine is based on empirical research, which looks at cause and effect averaged over large groups of people. Eastern medicine looks at the individual, observing the body’s reactions to the individual’s life circumstances within the context of the spiritual realm as well as the universal life force. The goal is the integration of knowledge to help the body heal itself. “The body has innate intelligence to heal.”

At A Votre Santé, both methods are respected and you will be guided to the practice that will best teach you and your practitioner the way of healing effective for you as an individual.